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About us

The history of my firm the MEDORIM Ltd. began in 2000. The dental office was opened and my private dental activity was started that year. This is a family-firm. At the beginning – according to the current possibilities – other medical enterprises and health education were also taken up. Nowadays our main work is the dentistry, odontology. This activity is performed by me with the help of Éva Mihalik Gerõcsné dental assistant.

I earned my degree in Debrecen Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1992. I have two special examinations in odontology and preserving dentistry prosthetics.

My dental office is in a peaceful suburb of Miskolc, Hungary. The equipment of the surgery is modern. We use only CE certificated instruments. Apart from the dental unit we have got a minimally radiating digital X-ray device and every basicly necessary tool such as fotopolimerisation light, ultrasonic depurator and electrocauter.

In addition to the traditional dental therapies (extraction, filling, root-canal treatment, prosthetics, dental deposit removal) we perform aesthetic dental interventions such as tooth whitening and tooth jewel implantation. We also make aesthetic inlay type filling insertion. And naturally the well known plastic or metallic framework, removable or fixed prosthesis and the natural look zircon denture are shouldered to perform with short term.
Parking possibility is in front of the dental office. It is only 200 meter from the main public-transport stations by feet (bus at Örs street and tram at Gyula street).

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Adrienn Zádor
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